Frequently Asked Questions from New Students

Do I have to sign in online?
No. Although we encourage you to sign-up and create your account online (this saves you time in the studio), it is not necessary to sign-in online. We reserve about 1/3 of our total available spots for online sign-in and the rest are first-come, first-serve on a drop-in basis. We recommend you arrive 15 minutes early, or at least 10 minutes early if you've signed in online.

If I create an account online, do I still need to sign in at the studio?
Yes. If it is your first time at the studio, we still need to you to sign the waiver form when you arrive. If you've signed in online for a class, we still need to you to check in at the front desk so we know you've arrived.

Is it important to be on time?
Yes. Yoga practice is based on a series of postures. The warmup postures are a fundamental part of the entire series of postures, and trying to perform deeper postures without them may result in injury. In addition, coming late is disruptive and distracting to the other students. We do not permit students into class who arrive late, please be sure to arrive at least 5 minutes early.

Where should I park?
Click here for a map of the best places to park while visiting the Tree.

Can I leave the class early?
We discourage you from leaving before the practice is finished because you will miss out on the benefits of the practice, and may risk injury leaving without a proper cool down. Leaving early is also disruptive to the class. We do welcome you to take savasana any time you feel fatigued or dizzy. If you must leave early, speak with your teacher at the beginning of class. We do not permit students to leave during savasana as it is too disruptive to the other students.

Why is it important to take savasana?
Savasana provides the time your body needs to absorb the benefits of the asana (physical) practice. It allows your heart rate to slow down and the oxygen in your blood to circulate to your entire body. It offers a chance to still your mind and accept feelings that may have come up during practice.

What if I'm not good at yoga? What will other students think?
It's completely normal to feel clumsy or self conscious during your first few yoga classes. You will often hear our teachers say that wherever you are in your yoga practice is exactly where you need to be. It's true! If yoga seems scary at first, just remember that other students will be focused on their experience and won't be watching you.The Bodhi Tree is a safe environment for your first classes. If you are uncomfortable at any time, simply lay down on your mat to take savasana or ask your teacher to show you an alternate pose that will work better for your body. 

What if I can't do all the postures?
No problem, you know what your body can and can't do. Our teachers will encourage you to explore your limits, but ultimately, you must decide how far to go. You will decide when to work through something, and when to avoid it. You are your own best teacher.

Do teachers correct our postures?
Our teachers strive to assist you to further understand the postures. They may help with your alignment to help you prevent injury or to simply connect on a deeper level. In busier classes, there may be an assistant who is a certified teacher and part of our adjuster's team, who will offer assistance and enhancements in postures.

Why do you refer to yoga classes as a practice?
Yoga is a work-in, the workout happens naturally. Think of yoga as less like a sport and more like a personal journey. There are many elements of yoga to master, such as breath, mindfulness, postures, alignment and personal awareness. Each time you enter a yoga class, your body and mind will be in a different state. Sometimes a pose can feel easy and sometimes it takes intense focus! There is no such thing as perfection in the competitive sense, so just experience the challenge of the journey. Yoga takes practice, therefore we call it just that.

Why do we breathe through our nose?
Breathe through your nose to encourage stillness in the body and mind. Breathing through the mouth ignites the "fight or flight" response, which elevates the heart rate, blood pressure and blood acidity levels. When this happens, muscles tighten to protect you. When muscles tighten you move further from the goal of surrendering to the posture you are working on.

Will yoga change my life?
It depends on you. An extended period of regular yoga practice (3 to 5 times a week) will help you manage your stress, build confidence, strengthen your body and deepen your awareness.

Is yoga only for adults?
There are certainly types of yoga that are suited to children and young adults, but there are a few things to keep in mind. Sweating keeps the body from overheating and adults sweat differently than children do. We do not permit anyone whose sweat glands have not matured (this generally takes place during puberty) to attend hot classes. Teenagers 16-17 years old may attend heated classes provided that their waiver form is signed by a legal guardian. 14-15 year olds may attend heated classes provided that their waiver form is signed by a legal guardian, and they are accompanied by an adult 18 years or older. 12-13 year olds are not permitted to attend heated classes, but may attend non-heated if accompanied by an adult 18 years or older and their waiver form is signed by a legal guardian. 11 years and under are not permitted to attend regular classes at our studio.

Can I practice if I'm pregnant?
Certainly! We offer both pre & postnatal yoga at the Bodhi Tree and there are several other classes that are suitable for pregnant women. However we recommend that you do not practice any of the classes that are heated. It is also your responsibility to consult a physician before you practice and to let the teachers know you are pregnant before the class starts.

For tips on what to expect for your first classes, read Getting Started.

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