Our Puja Wall

Puja is the act of honouring, devotion, and gratitude.

This wall is a sacred space to perform Puja - a ceremonial act of showing reverence to all source and forms of the Divine through invocation, blessing, gratitude, prayer, song and all other authentic offerings Share a thought, a picture, a mantra, or just a smile.

The Puja wall is here for you to help cleanse your mind and awaken your spirit. It's here to invoke a sense of sharing, of community, of love. Make an offering and begin to travel from the known to the unknown in your mind while creating a space in your heart for bhakti - devotion. Ceremony - whether simple or elaborate - is a way for us to give back to creation some of the energy and blessings that we are always receiving.

In ceremony we connect and bring together

Eternal timelessness and temporal time.
Eternal rhythms with daily living.
We allow our world to be illuminated
by the grander world of the Cosmos, of the Seasons,
of the rites of passage universal to all beings.
Birthing, growing, maturing, dying and rebirthing.

Ceremonies reflect our knowing. We are related to the eternal source from which all life flows and returns.

We devote this Puja wall to you so that you many enrich yourself and others with reverence.